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I’m missing important calls.

Summer arrived and a local HVAC owner had become overwhelmed due to years of being the on-call dispatcher for his own companies after-hours service calls.

Woman checking messages on phone and laptopThe knowledge that over 60% of his after-hours calls resulted in business deemed it imperative to have a live person answering his phones. He just could not be the one to do it anymore if he was going to focus on the overall success of the business. So, he reached out to AnswerFirst for help.

Together, we devised a plan to start answering his phones as an after-hours dispatch service. With every call, we determine whether the caller needs service right away. If they do, we gather basic contact information and let them know they will hear back from a tech, with an ETA, within 15 minutes. From there we call the on-call, then text him or her the caller’s information, for immediate follow up. The only time we ever have to bother the owner is if his techs are not responding.

In short, we constructed a plan that offered the best customer service focused, cost effective solution.

Our client now focuses on processes and logistics to manage growth (and catch up on some sleep!), with the confidence that his prospective clients are receiving one call resolution. He is also watching revenue soar!

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This method, and custom variations of it, apply to almost any commercial and residential services providers. Plumbing & Electrical Contractors, Restoration and Construction Companies, Landscaping & Pool Services, Real Estate & Property Management. To learn how we can develop a custom solution for your company, talk to one of our Business Development Coordinators today!

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