On a weekly basis we receive calls from insurance brokers, financial planners, and other professional service providers, who are using automated voicemail systems to gather messages, when they are working in the field and unavailable to answer their phone calls.

Man holding phone in hand checking voice mailsThough diligent in returning calls when voicemails are left they become concerned when they see the amount of hang ups they receive from callers that don’t leave messages.

Distraught, they do their research. Much the same way as you are doing yours now, and decide to call AnswerFirst in search of the answer to their question, “Would I be earning more business if I had a live person answering my calls whenever I am not available?”.

It is rarely a surprise that while their call volume remains the same, the number of messages and new business resulting from a live answer solution, far exceeds that of the automated solution.

The downward trend in voicemail continues as we move towards a more here-and-now culture.

Reach out to one of our Business Development Coordinators to learn how you can offer cost effective “here and now” customer service and stop missing opportunities because of voicemail!

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