We recently received a phone call from an attorney in California who has a burgeoning law practice and is mapping for growth.

Woman stuck on phone taking messagesWhile weighing the cost of hiring a receptionist and a legal assistant, the attorney was considering hiring a legal assistant that could also answer the phones. However, in reviewing her current and pending caseload, she knew she would be placing a lot on the plate of the new hire which would risk overwhelming him or her; she also considered that she’d be paying the new employee a legal assistant’s salary, even while he or she was doing the work of a receptionist. Her situation led her to look for an answering service and she reached out to AnswerFirst.

We understand the importance of balancing incoming calls of all types including those from current clients, opposing counsel and potential new clients.

Here is what we did to help this attorney maintain that balance: we answer all her law firm’s inbound calls, gather basic contact info, and determine if callers are calling for a consultation or for some other purpose.
Anyone calling for a consultation is immediately transferred to the legal assistant for intake.  All other calls are handled by taking a message and then an expectation is set as to when callers should hear back from the attorney. The attorney’s desire to focus on the actual work associated with her clients is realized, and while she remains accessible, she is returning calls in order of priority as opposed to being distracted by various call types every time the phone rings. Existing clients are happy to speak with a AnswerFirst’s Customer Service Professional, and are satisfied by knowing when they will hear back from the attorney, while new prospects make it through for a consultation immediately, whenever possible.

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Finding time to grow a business of any type is challenging, and even more so if you spend the bulk of your time on the phone. Let AnswerFirst share the load and become a partner in your successful growth. Our Business Development Coordinators can help you craft a path to new business while making sure that taking care of your existing clients is a top priority.