Customer Service During the HolidaysToday’s customers expect nothing but the highest level of service, and during the holidays they are looking for even more enthusiasm and friendliness to spread the holiday cheer.

During the busy holiday shopping season it is even more important for businesses and customer service agents to maximize satisfaction for overwhelmed consumers.  We’ve used our first-hand experience at AnswerFirst to compile this holiday customer service list and checked it twice.  Give your customers the gift of excellent customer service this holiday season with these five time-tested tips:

  1. Create your own work-life balance. The holiday season can be a stressful time for everyone. No matter what is going on outside of work, be sure to leave your own stress at the door. Interactions with customers will be much easier if you can put your stresses aside completely and put total focus on the customer. Even if you are having a bad day, put on a smile and a friendly tone of voice – it will make all the difference for your customers!
  2. Plan ahead. Are you busiest during the holiday season? Is Black Friday or Small Business Saturday a blur of customer activity for you? If you know from past experience that this is a busy time of year, be sure to plan ahead and learn from the past. Maybe it’s in your best interest to hire seasonal employees or employ an answering service to assist with the influx of customer calls. Whatever the solution is, start thinking about it ahead of time.
  3. Train the entire staff. Everyone in the company, no matter what their role is, should be trained in customer support. In one way or another, each employee will at some point be in a position to provide customer support – make sure the highest quality of service is the available across the board.
  4. Update your website, social media and FAQs page. Consumers are busy during the holiday season, and they might not have time to return to a store or call into a customer service line; sometimes consumers would rather solve a problem themselves. Update your website’s FAQs page with helpful information about product availability, returns, shipping costs and policies, etc. If you have different hours during the holiday season – maybe you’re open later, or you’re closed for business on Christmas day – include that in your FAQs page, as well as on your social media so it is easily accessible for customers.
  5. Stay calm, stay positive and smile. The rush of the holiday season can seem overwhelming. No matter what, remember to stay calm, have a positive attitude, and smile!

At the end of the day, remember that it’s all about putting the customer first and providing the highest level of customer service possible. You never know when you could brighten someone’s day simply by spreading a little holiday cheer.

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