Most people dread having to call a contact center or get on the phone with tech support. Even 90% of tech support managers think their processes could be improved to alleviate customer frustration. With a few small improvements, you can make your contact center not just bearable, but even engaging.

Customer service is a great entry-level job for anyone, but not everyone has a service personality. Understanding what makes a good customer service agent is your first step in hiring talented people. Your next step is a strong training process.

Implement these 4 concepts into your contact center to improve customer satisfaction.

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1. Save Customer Information At Your Contact Center

To ensure that you’re creating an engaging call center, you need to assure your customers that you’re listening and that you recognize them. If someone calls you three times, you should know some details about them by now.

Don’t ask them to describe their problem again. Summarize what you know and ask them to fill in details. If you need verification for their product, their identity, or what their system is, save it for the next time they call.

2. Ask Useful Questions

When you’re speaking with your client on the phone, don’t ask what the problem is. You’ll sound like your company isn’t really listening to them.

Ask more useful questions. Build on previous calls. Try to help and offer solutions.

While most call centers hinge on cordiality, that can irritate lots of callers. Train your staff to understand when someone is getting irritated and to know when you can diverge from the script. The script is a guide, not a bible.

3. Make The Team Communicate

If you have one basic rule for your contact center, it’s that you should never repeat questions.

If you have one rule, it’s never repeating questions to your clients. You should have strong communication between your employees. There should be an extensive note taking and review process before you get on the phone with someone.

If you ask a question more than once, your company is failing your customers and you’re showing that when you transfer a call, you don’t brief the next person. That should be your priority.

4. Analyze Your Data

When people call you, you have the opportunity to gather a lot of data. You get to know which products people are having the most trouble with, which problems frustrate them the most, and where your customers are located.

In order to improve your call center, make sure you’re recording call lengths and taking note of at what point your customers get irritated. Log what the most common complaints are so that you can always be improving.

Make Sure Your Contact Center Really Cares

People know fake sympathy when they hear it. People at your contact center need to be giving customers positive feedback without coming off as insincere. Make sure you’ve got a strong training program that allows your staff to have a personality and you’ll find the whole process is rewarding for everyone.

Once you’ve improved your call center’s process, you can update your pitch for why you’re essential to the customer service process.

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