The quality of customer service has become increasingly bad over the past several years, but very few companies can actually afford to neglect it.

Poor customer service costs brands money.

Scare off a few loyal customers and you could be in for a bumpy ride down.

Young hispanic man wearing call center agent headset looking positive and happy standing and smiling with a confident smile showing teethAs much as $83 billion in lost business is attributed to bad service every year. If you want to avoid becoming another statistic you have to start thinking about prevention.

Knowing what is good and bad customer service looks like is often misunderstood.

These are the top ways bad service impacts business.

Poor Customer Service = Low Quality

Customers that have to jump through hoops to get help or inquire about their purchase will perceive your brand as lower value. This evolves into not feeling your brand is worth a premium or high-value price-point. All of this translates into making it difficult to keep customers coming back.

Second-hand info about how your brand has bad service can translate into more price scrutiny and fewer overall purchases. This is extremely important when it comes to luxury e-commerce stores. Compromising on price is just not feasible when you are trying to demonstrate value.

Quality Control Insight

If your customer service is bad, then you’ll lose some valuable insight into products and services. People might not even call customer service if their problem is so off-putting. Many prefer to either take to social media to air their grievances or possibly assume they won’t be helped.

You don’t ever want to give the impression that your company is inaccessible or cares more about business than customer satisfaction. A lot of big corporations give off this vibe because, frankly, they’re built to maximize profits by investing the least in support. You want to be proactive and advertise your need to help your customers.

Bad customer service can keep you in the dark when your business is suffering from your products. That can mean big losses before you even get the chance to correct them.

By having a trained inbound call center there ready to take calls, you can be alerted for defects or patterns in complaints.

Bad News Spreads Fast

When your company is knocking it out of the park, it’s harder to notice it from someone on the outside, looking in. That’s why review sites like Yelp, bad reviews can tank a business, if not dealt with quickly. A smart way to prevent bad news about your customer service from spreading is to address all negative reviews as soon as they are posted.

Customers appreciate it when their concerns are addressed immediately. Great customer service requires 24/7 support and monitoring of review sites. This is something that simply cannot be done on your own.

If you’re looking for solutions to poor customer service, contact us today. We offer affordable and smart customer service solutions. Personalize the customer’s experience with your company and you’ll earn their loyalty and respect.

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