Are you having trouble integrating appointment scheduling with your answering service without being forced to use their proprietary software?

Check Appoinment Scheduling Answering ServiceNo need to worry; there are many options available for your business. Prices and program ability vary depending on the number of people, locations and resources for which you wish to schedule.

At AnswerFirst, we’ve had success using a web-based commercial calendar called Check Appointments; it works especially well for solo practice professionals.  You, as the account holder, own and control your Check Appointments account, but the program allows you, your answering service, and even your clients to schedule appointments without double-booking.

CA is intuitive because it is scripted. You can custom program the desired fields yourself, choose types of appointments (i.e. first time phone consultation or in office visit) and then program the different types of appointments to book time slots based on how long you preset each appointment type to last. Check Appointments also syncs to your office calendar using 2-way Google Sync.

Once you set it up and add it to your website, a web link or URL is generated, which you provide to your answering service. We log-in directly to your calendar using that link, just as you, your clients, or office staff would. Everyone is working from the same module, eliminating confusion, and streamlining the process for efficiency.

If you are a solo practicing service professional and you would like to make it simple for our answering service to field calls and schedule appointments for you, check out Check Appointments, then give me a call. We are a fraction of the cost of a receptionist, but with all the benefits a receptionist can bring… and more. That’s right. More! AnswerFirst doesn’t take sick days, holidays or vacations; 24/7 we are here for you!