Choosing to add an after-hours answering service can help protect your company from losing potential clients.

Female customer service representative smiling, isolated on white

Answering service companies give potential and current clients the feeling that their call is valued by making a live human readily available to handle calls at any time. 60% of customers say waiting on hold for more than a minute is just too much to ask.

If you are looking at answering service companies to help with your business, it pays to shop for services that use U.S. based Customer Service Professionals.

Getting It Right

Customers value American companies giving jobs to American workers. So when you choose from a long list of answering service companies, having a professional, American, English-speaking receptionist can earn you business from clients who prefer to invest in the American economy.

Additionally, language barriers with foreign receptionists can lead to many misunderstandings and leave your clients feeling frustrated or not understood. According to an American Express survey, 78% of consumers chose not to make a transaction or not make the purchase they originally intended because of a poor customer service interaction. Their survey concluded that American consumers spend more money with companies they believe get customer service right.

That means it pays to have your business available at a moment’s notice to answer calls, answer questions, and book appointments, but only if you can provide quality customer service experiences.  Obviously, making sure that customer service representatives can be understood by your customers is extremely important to the quality of service provided.

American Answering Service Companies Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Employing American workers can sometimes mean a business must prepare to pay more for a service. This belief is a huge factor in why many businesses choose to skimp on outsourcing their customer service by hiring overseas call centers.  Overseas call centers can offer reduced rates because they are located in areas where receptionists are willing to work for much less.

It is important to remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for.”

If you outsource your customer service to a overseas call center where foreign workers are jammed into large rooms where they answer thousands of calls, the language-barrier might not be the only issue with the quality of service your callers receive. The working environments in these overseas contact centers can be subpar.  Do you want an unhappy or pressured receptionist handling your customers’ issues?  Probably not.

Why an American Answering Service Company is Essential to Your Business

Having an interaction with someone who sounds like someone they might know is important to the customer. Any client who calls your company will associate any call service agent they speak to with your brand. Since this person will be so closely associated with your company, it is important to know what standards are held by call center employees.

Would you feel comfortable letting just anyone work for your business without knowing their level of professionalism? Ensuring all calls are answered by a top-notch and well-trained Customer Service Professional is crucial to maintaining and growing your business’ market share.

For more information on how American answering services can give your company a boost without breaking the bank, check out our pricing plans. Don’t drop the ball and miss out on valuable customers!