Lawyer writing at a desk with legal statue in front view

Time-sensitive communication in the legal world can mean thousands to millions of dollars in corporate cases or a life sentence on the criminal side.

In the busy legal world where attorneys, clients and judges handle constantly changing caseloads, there is one key factor that is on the minds of every practicing lawyer. Communication. The level of communication can be with a client, partner, opposing attorney or even a judge’s office.

For this reason alone, most law firms seek the help of professional answering services, like AnswerFirst, to handle time-sensitive matters.

Many legal firms are looking to U. S.-based answering centers to handle 24/7 virtual receptionist duties that include taking phone calls, making appointments, new client lead information and answering general legal questions about the firm’s services for clients who need round-the-clock access.

The demands of 24/7 access can place a burden on the firm and keep employees and lawyers from focusing on more important issues. Answering services can help a firm better serve its clients with increased communication, confidential call answering and messaging. With each representative seeing the same calendar, there is no need to worry about double-booking.

Industries that deal with time-sensitive confidential and personal information, like law firms, can see their practices suffer without the help of a live 24/7 answering service. Studies after studies have proven that people respond better when communicating with a live operator than an automated system or answering machine. Instead of hearing a busy signal or a computerized voice, clients will receive a professional receptionist on the other end who will help expedite their needs.

Unlike many answering services, AnswerFirst also has employees who are fluent in Spanish. Many Spanish-speaking clients also know English, but are able to communicate more effectively in Spanish. With a bi-lingual team, AnswerFirst can help a firm increase its client base. By communicating with clients in Spanish, the information gathered will be more accurate. The customer will appreciate the experience and may even refer other clients.

AnswerFirst can help law firms increase their customer care with bi-lingual representatives, call screening, routing messages, 24/7 coverage on nights, weekends and holidays. When you need to find a legal answering servicing company, there is no other place to look.