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Call Forwarding Instructions

Although our clients are in many areas of Florida as well as across the nation, forwarding instructions are typically similar no matter which specific area you live in.

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For exact forwarding instructions for your area, please refer to your local phone book. Instructions are usually located in the front section. Below is a typical example:

  • To forward your phone: Dial 72# followed by the phone number you are forwarding to. Allow the phone to ring once, then hang up. Repeat this process, however, instead of hearing the phone ring, you will hear a series of beeps. These are confirmation beeps which mean that your phone has been successfully forwarded. If you would like to confirm the forwarding, call the number you are forwarding from a different phone (example: cell phone) and wait for one of our operators to answer.
  • To un-forward your phone: Dial 73# and listen for the confirmation tones. Repeat once again to be sure. To confirm, call the number you were forwarding to be sure it rings in your office. This will insure that your phone has been successfully un forwarded.

There are several types of call forwarding (remote call forwarding, manual call forwarding, advanced call forwarding, etc.) and each may have different procedures depending on where you live. Please contact your local phone service provider for more information.