Woman answering phone in medical office

A Medical Answering Service is another name for answering services or virtual receptionists that specialize or are well accustom with medical offices.

When you choose to hire a Medical Answering Service like AnswerFirst, you are employing the experience of an answering specialist familiar with the medical industry and its terminology. Most importantly, our etiquette and customer experience is superb.

Our Custom Service Professionals answer your calls, manage appointments, meeting schedules, requests and cancellations. We can also provide customer service that your customers will leave the conversation with a nice warm feeling that transfers to you whenever they speak with you. 

Here are some things to look for when considering an answering service for your medical facility.

  • Answering calls
  • Promptness in managing appointments and scheduling
  • Experienced customer service
  • Email communications
  • Screening calls
  • Transferring calls
  • HIPAA compliance

Many medical offices across the country are simply not large enough to justify having a full-time receptionist. So, they employ medical answering services. Often, they find it difficult to find virtual receptionists qualified enough to meet the needs mentioned earlier. All of these factors make finding the right company difficult.

One reason for the difficulty is the large amount of information about any topic online. That information is simply hard to qualify as valid or trustworthy. Another problem, is that there are many answering companies based in foreign countries. This presents several problems. The first may be the great language barrier. Some representatives may not be capable of speaking fluent English or have a native language that is not spoken in the United States. Medically, this can be a disaster.

At AnswerFirst, we have experienced professionals who are fluent in English. We also have several professionals with bi-lingual skills. Our professionals understand the great need to meet your medical requirements and create a highly-respectful customer service relationship. Located, in sunny Tampa, Florida, we are ready to help you, even if your company is located in California, New York or somewhere in-between. We can make your needs and experience seamless and extremely professional. Contact us today!