Some Business Names are Hard to PronounceIs your business name difficult to pronounce or hard to decipher?

It’s not only confusing to your callers, but also embarrassing when someone calls your business and your answering service says your business name incorrectly. This might be especially common when your business name includes an acronym or is just plain difficult to pronounce as spelled.

We answer the phones for more than 2000 clients and even with proper training our Customer Service Professionals have occasionally slipped up and mispronounced clients’ business names.  Even phonetic spelling of a difficult-to-pronounce name doesn’t always fix this issue.

In our never-ending quest for innovation and the evolution of our contact center and answering service capabilities we have implemented two solutions that prevent our Customer Service Professionals from mispronouncing our clients’ business names.

The first solution is to create a generic answer phrase.  For instance, “Thank you for calling the law office,” can work for attorneys and, “Thank you for calling the medical office,” works for medical professionals.  This solution is simple and works well.

Another solution that provides a more customized experience to callers is to create a front-end voice mail greeting before the call is answered by a Customer Service Professional.  For example, after the call rings once a recorded greeting is played, “Thank you for calling Jamisonevsky & Schwartz – your Tampa Bay area divorce attorneys. Someone will be right with you.”  After the greeting plays, a live CSP answers the call, “Hi! This is Janice. How may I help you today?”  Many of our clients prefer to customize and even record their own front-end greetings.  These front-end greetings can be updated as often as you like and are easy to implement in our system.

Tired of your answering service mispronouncing your business name?  We’ve got a solution for you.

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