Is screening calls or scheduling appointments your favorite part of your day? Or would you prefer to do the work you started this business to do?

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If it’s the latter, hiring a virtual receptionist can let you get back to your real work.

Need more convincing? We put together our six best reasons below.

1. Your Work Quality Will Improve

Without a receptionist, you’re probably struggling to do it all. Process orders, listen and respond to voicemails, or schedule appointments.

None of those things are in your job description.

Too many people are afraid to give their receptionist side tasks. They can do more than answer calls! In fact, they can help you with all the annoying side work mentioned above.

Without all the little stuff piling up, you can get more work done, and get it done better. Your quality of work will increase and you won’t make little mistakes from having to rush through.

2. You’ll Feel Less Scattered

If you’re a business owner, you might feel like multitasking is a necessity, but does it work? Studies say no.

Switching tasks decreases your productivity and can even damage your brain. Multitaskers perform worse on organizational tasks and are slower when switching tasks.

Hiring a receptionist could get your productivity and brain functioning back. They can screen calls and talk to customers while you work, leaving you free to concentrate on one task at a time.

3. A Virtual Receptionist is More Professional

Let’s face it, playing phone tag is not professional. Leaving and listening to voicemail after voicemail wastes everybody’s time.

A virtual assistant can cut back on that. They can screen calls or relay messages to certain clients if you’re unable to get to the phone.

4. Your Customers Will Thank You

The number one rule to getting and keeping customers? Making them feel important.

Having a receptionist who can answer their every call and question does that. If you make communication with your customers easy, they’ll keep doing business with you!

5. It Saves You Money

Before our services were available, setting up and hiring someone was expensive. You’d have to find an official space, pay rent, buy equipment, pay utility bills and pay your employee on top of that!

With the internet at your fingertips, you can basically cut that cost in half. With a virtual receptionist, the only thing you pay for is the talent, we handle the rest.

6. Skip The Hiring Process

Don’t waste billable hours creating a job posting, reading resumes, and scheduling interviews.

With a virtual receptionist, the hiring process is as easy as calling our service team. You tell them exactly what you need and they’ll place you with a match.

It’s that easy.

Hanging Up

You didn’t start your business dreaming of clerical tasks. You started it to provide something your customers need.

Our receptionists can help you get back to the work you like doing, work that helps people.

We want that for you too. That’s why we’ve done everything we can to make providing a receptionist easy for you. All you have to do is call.