• Do you struggle keeping up with inbound phone calls?
  • Does your office fail at taking messages in a professional and appropriate manner?
  • Is important work getting delayed because you are answering the phone?
  • Do you lose business because you or your staff are not around to pick up the phone?
  • Would it be better to have your messages delivered via e-mail or text versus dialing into
    your voice mail system?
  • Do you and your staff travel often, take sick leave or need the ability to step out of the office without much notice?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions then your business could benefit from the use of an answering service.

What can an answering service do for you?

Does your business need an answering service?

A 24/7 answering service can answer your phone calls in a professional manner at any time of day or night – allowing you to spend less time answering the phone and more time generating revenue.

An answering service handles your calls to your specifications – patch, take a message, screen and transfer, etc.  From the way your callers are greeted to the information they are provided, you define the customer service experience that your answering service provides.

An answering service also delivers your messages via whatever method you prefer – text, email, phone call, etc.  There’s no need to dial into a voice mail system to hear your messages unless that’s the way you want to receive them.

Using an answering service means never missing an important call or opportunity to better serve your customers; it means your callers get exceptional customer service experiences every time they call your business; and using an answering service is less expensive than hiring several in-house receptionists to handle your inbound calls 24/7/365.

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