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Wondering if you should still include your business’ phone number on your website’s contact page? Would anyone still call you when today’s digital age allows them to email or chat you when they need assistance?

The short answer is yes, you should. Calls are making a comeback, after taking a step back as chat services grew in popularity. Customers still prefer to call and you should answer your phone when they do.

Not sold on this? Still wondering why you should answer the phone and how to do it right?

To help you satisfy customers, here is a look at the top reasons to pick up the phone and how to answer the phone as smooth as possible.

Customers Want an Immediate Answer

One of the main reasons why people still call is because they want a quick answer. Email is convenient but it also means a response won’t come in for a few minutes or hours. If you don’t check your business email inbox, it could take days before you get back to the client.

Chat can be faster but this is only if you are both online at the time. Some companies now use chat-bots and these can only answer generic, pre-programmed questions. They won’t satisfy the customer if they have a specific need or request.

A lot of customers call right when they are on the checkout page. They might have a question about shipping costs or promo codes and they want an answer as soon as possible since they’re only a few clicks away from completing the transaction. Answer the phone and they might push forward with the purchase.

They Want an Exception

Another reason to pick up the phone instead of relying solely on email is that some customers need an exception.

Imagine a situation where a business can’t offer refunds within 30 days of purchasing a product. However, one customer couldn’t process the refund because it was the holiday season and all business employees weren’t around for a few days.

You can expect that customer to call instead of going to the website. The business site might give no options once the system detects the product is beyond the 30-day limit. There’s no human factor in this and only you or your employees can make the exception.

This is why you should have a reliable business call service available. Being available for customers who need special customer service might convince them to keep coming back despite the issues they ran into. If their concerns go unanswered, they might move on to your competitors.

The Desire to Speak With a Human Being

Most people despise IVRs (interactive voice response systems). There’s something off-putting about calling a customer hotline only to end up answering an automated menu. No matter how complex and advanced the IVR is, there will always be concerns that require the knowledge and care of a real human being.

If your website only offers an IVR, you can expect customers to jot down your hotline and call your number. Make sure there’s someone to answer the phone because that customer has a concern your system couldn’t resolve on its own.

Some people don’t trust automated machines at all. They might feel paranoid or irritated. They want to discuss their concerns with a real person.

Email is Clumsy

The average person can type approximately 30-40 words per minute but can speak more than three times that rate. That alone can showcase how clumsy and slow emails can be.

For others, it might be difficult for them to think up the right words when they’re typing but they can easily relay the message when speaking.

You also have to think of the logistical mess of emails. They might not send their concern to the right email or your employees might not notice the message in the company inbox because of how many other messages they have to prioritize.

How to Answer the Phone the Right Way

Yes, having a reliable customer service to answer the phone is important but how do you pull it off? How can you guarantee a smooth transaction each time a client calls your company? Consider the three following tips:

Anticipate Common Concerns

Ever wondered how call center agents seem to know the exact answer for your concern? This is because they undergo training to anticipate common concerns and master the steps to resolve them. When they encounter a more specific issue, they have software tools that help them figure out what to do.

You can do this too. Make it a point to list down the most common issues your customers discuss. You can get these by studying the data on negative reviews, Q&A sessions on Reddit, or comments on Facebook.

Once you know what the majority of people will call about, start listing the steps to resolve them in a precise manner. This speeds things up and guarantees you don’t forget how to resolve all the minor problems.

Prepare Your Spiel

Do you want to sound professional on the phone? Prepare your spiel and memorize how to say it and when to say it.

Call center employees have an opening spiel, which is the message they’ll state as soon as they pick up the phone. They also have a closing spiel to end the call. Some of them have spiels to say when they need to put customers on hold or when they have to transfer customers to a different department.

These spiels help them sound professional. At the same time, they help get the message across clearly, ensuring the customer doesn’t get confused about what’s happening.

Hire a Business Phone Answering Service

Are any of your employees trained in customer service? Do you have a department dedicated to answering business calls?

If not, it’s a better idea to outsource and hire a professional call center service provider. This ensures you get the best quality customer care service for your business without having to invest time, money, and effort to train your own employees.

They also have the proper protocol to deal with angry customers. Their experience ensures they won’t talk back and can use their words to effectively calm down the caller to help them resolve their issue.

Answer the Phone with Professional Customer Service Today!

Despite the advancements in email and chat services, phone calls are still the best means of dealing with immediate customer concerns. Don’t hesitate to answer the phone and talk to your customers directly.

That said, a growing business will see an influx of customer calls. Not all of them have to be about product or order concerns. You might get dozens a call per day from customers curious to discover more about your business.

Don’t let their calls go to waste! Contact us today and through our call center services, we can help you manage any and every call.

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