Customer Experience: ‘Responsibility to Respond’


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The customer experience was determined paramount to the business success more than 10 years ago by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers. Since then countless companies embraced the notion of the customer-centric business environment and reported growing profits and increased loyalty as a result.

‘Customer Experience’ as a term is defined as a sum total of conscious events, a coordinated series of interactions between a customer and a brand.

In the ever-changing digitized consumer space, these multiple interactions can happen on several platforms one following the next or even simultaneously. Industry researchers discuss the term ‘omnichannel customer experience’ defining it as ‘your customer’s ability to order from you in one channel (for example online), pick up through another (for example at a store) and if necessary return via yet another.’

More and more research results suggest that the up and coming group of millennial customers actually prefer shopping and doing business online and on social media, redefining the consumer industry patterns.

The exceptional customer care at every point of this omnichannel interaction is important to create a satisfactory overall customer experience but many studies suggest that customer requests and complaints that come through digital and social media channels are often left without response. The customers however expect the Now service, a response, a solution or an answer that comes within 5 minutes of the initial contact made online.

The responsibility to respond to those omnichannel customer requests lies with the business and its customer experience department. But what do you do if that department in your company is basically just you? Or maybe your receptionist who can’t handle all incoming requests or questions on the phone and online?

At AnswerFirst we can be your one-stop solution for your customer experience needs across all platforms. In addition to the phone service, we already offer email monitoring, message service, order taking and dispatching services.  To help our current and future partners communicate better with their customers on the digital platform we are launching a new interactive chat service. Our Customer Service Professionals will be able engage with your customers directly from a chat window on your website. Whether it’s lead capture or answering FAQs, we partner with you to arm our CSPs with the information they need to offer your clients a seamless online experience.  With our post-chat message delivery options, we will make sure that your business doesn’t miss any of these important conversations.

If you don’t currently have the chat function on your website, we will be happy to help enhance your digital customer experience and provide you with the tools you need to take your site to the next level.

We will take your ‘responsibility to respond’ to your digital customers upon ourselves and make sure you don’t miss an opportunity a digital interaction may provide.  After all, it is the great customer experience that creates loyal customers and it is up to 7 times more expensive for businesses to attract new customers that the keep the existing clientele. Call us at 800-645-2616 and one of our Business Development coordinators will be happy to tell you more about our services including the new Interactive Chat and when it will be available.

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