A lady called in on the *** account yesterday; she was extremely irate and ready to give the business owner a piece of her mind for “selling her a square bed.” She was so irrationally angry that I almost wanted to laugh, but I know that’s not the proper way to handle any caller, especially one that’s upset.  Instead, I focused on diffusing the situation by explaining my past experiences with latex foam mattresses.

I told her to lay it out flat and let it rise; I also explained that she needed to make sure she opened the plastic packaging near where she wanted the mattress to stay because it would become extremely bulky and difficult to move once the packaging was open and the mattress began to rise.  Anyway, by the end of the call she was actually laughing, and decided that she really didn’t have any reason to be upset or scared. She even said, “I guess smaller packaging is better for the environment.

She was happy, the situation was diffused and it ended up being a really great call.

Michelle P.
AnswerFirst Customer Service Professional

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