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Find Out Exactly How Does Call Patching Work?

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Call patching (also known as "live transfer" or "warm transfer") is a common way for an answering service to hand clients their calls. There are three ways to do call patching with our answering service: Using Your PBX (addressed in a previous blog) Regular Patch Blind Patch Regular patching is when a Customer Service Professional [...]

Let us Help You the Right Medical Answering Service

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A Medical Answering Service is another name for answering services or virtual receptionists that specialize or are well accustom with medical offices. When you choose to hire a Medical Answering Service like AnswerFirst, you are employing the experience of an answering specialist familiar with the medical industry and its terminology. Most importantly, our etiquette and [...]

Answering Services Help Nonprofits Gain Visibility

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One of the greatest labors of love is operating a nonprofit. The process often consumes long tiring hours spent working with little time for marketing and visibility. When it comes to marketing and donations, we can take advantage of how answering services help nonprofits gain visibility. With an answering service, many things can be simplified. [...]

Handling Angry Customers on Customer Service Calls – How to Speak With Them?

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Customer service can be a rewarding opportunity for employees and those of answering service companies. Most times, the experiences with customers are great. However, when dealing with angry customers on customer service calls, there is a level of frustration that must be controlled. That frustration level rises when customers yell about an issue, especially when [...]

Generate More Profits

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How would you like to have more time on your hands to generate more profits for your company and grow your business? There is one great way to make this scenario happen for you. A telephone answering service, like AnswerFirst will be there to allow you to experience exactly what yours and every company desires… [...]

Revolutionize Event Planning with a Virtual Receptionist

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The hectic lives of event planners often challenge them with planning and preparing for the next main event. While a planner may be hard at work with a client considering themes, guest interests and agendas, there may be little time to fit in all the demands of a full day. Add the responsibility of scheduling [...]

Can Voicemail Hurt Your Business?

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Since 1988, when Motorola first introduced the large brick mobile phones, voicemail has been part of the standard calling package. Between then and now, most small business owners have been using cell phones in some manner to communicate with customers. According to the Pew Research, 91 percent of adults use cell phones as part of [...]

Measuring Client Satisfaction

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There are a lot of ways to get a measurable look at how your Customer Service Team is doing, but a lot less ways to measure the care and attentiveness being put into your overall customer experience, particularly for a call center. Here are three questions to answer: Overall, are your customers’ expectations being met [...]

The AnswerFirst Buddy Program – Keeping Remote Employees Connected

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According to Global Workplace Analytics, 63 million Americans will work remotely by 2016 --more than a third of the total work force. While there are many benefits of hiring remote employees, there are also challenges.  Remote employees don’t have the opportunity to pop into a coworker's office to ask a quick question, or to discuss upcoming [...]

Customer Service Spotlight: Meet Claudia

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In a global economy, investment and marketing opportunities continue to expand, providing competitive product and services to meet business needs around the world.  Add the ever-changing whirlwind of modern technology to the mix, and an undeniable momentum continues to reshape the landscape of how we see our world.  Some businesses find global outsourcing as a [...]