Need To Cancel Your AnswerFirst Account?

Cancelling your account is easy, we just have a few questions before you go!

Was Your Bill Too Much?

AnswerFirst Management would love the opportunity to audit your account and work to lower your bill. Sometimes even the most basic account configuration changes can result in a 40% decrease in costs.

Have You Told Us What’s Wrong?

Even if you have previously spoken with someone at AnswerFirst, our Management team would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your issues and concerns. Your feedback is very important to us.

Keep Your AnswerFirst Account For Just $30 Per Billing Cycle

Young hispanic man wearing call center agent headset looking positive and happy standing and smiling with a confident smile showing teethThat’s right, if we don’t receive any calls, your account does not accrue live operator time and you will only be charged the base account fee of $30 per billing cycle.

By leaving our service in place we will be there when you need us:

  • Planned or Unplanned Office Closures
  • Phone Line Cuts and Outages
  • Power Line Problems and Outages
  • Internet Outages
  • Overflow Support When Office Staff is Away
  • Weather Events or Evacuations
  • Damage to Office Building

By keeping your account active you will not have to pay set-up fees or go through the set-up process should you need or want to use our services again.

Have You Tried Making Changes To Your Account Configuration?

Sometimes even basic account changes can make a major difference in how you’re billed as well as how effectively our services work for you.

For just $30 per billing cycle, you can leave your account active so that we’re there for you when and if you should need us.

Still need to cancel?
We hate to see you go, but you can click the “Cancel Now” button below to request account deactivation.