The short answer in most cases is, “Yes!”

Man in business suit holding tablet with API image coming out of itMany business software companies have developed APIs (application programming interfaces) for their software so that their software can integrate seamlessly with other software.  APIs allow software solutions to communicate with each other “behind the scenes” for the purpose of streamlining usability.

One common example of an API integration is using a web form on your website where potential clients request info about your products and then utilizing your CRM’s API to have the information that’s entered into the web form automatically entered into your CRM. Another example is configuring your ticketing or support software so that emails sent to your support email address (e.g. [email protected]) are parsed into your ticketing system, creating new support tickets automatically.

These two configurations are common, but what about updating a ticket, verifying client information, and canceling or rescheduling appointments? With advances in API technology, AnswerFirst has developed the ability, in some cases, to access, edit or add data to your software from within our system, without having to install, learn or log into your software.

In addition to creating leads in your system, API technology allows us to truly act as your off-site receptionist.

Armed with the ability necessary to take even more off of your plate, we become much more than an answering service, we become an extension of your business. Some common examples include updating existing support tickets for IT Companies, accessing a calendar to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments for medical practices, or verifying client information or locations for dispatching technicians.

Once integrated, our software platform knows how to communicate in the background with your software while our Customer Service Professionals work within our system; no training needed!

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While not all software programs offer APIs, they are becoming more common. Check with your software provider or call one of our Business Development Representatives to see if this strategy might be viable for you!