Profit Or Loss Digital Rendering

Technology continues to grow at a tremendous rate, especially during the last 10 years. Phone automation has benefited from some of the new technology and has provided ease to the lives of many businesses. However, sometimes the use of increased technology is not always a good thing when it comes to creating the ultimate customer experience.

Yes, it’s great to have some kind of messaging and recording for the customer during after-hours. Receiving a message is better than an unanswered call. However, studies show that most people become frustrated with automated services and simply hang up. There is no replacement for the human touch. Customers respond positively most often to warm, helpful voices answering their questions and guiding them to a possible sale.

If your company is considering choosing between an automated system or the human touch, like what AnswerFirst has to offer, here are some things to consider how an automated system may hurt your sales.

  • Customers can become easily confused – If the automated systems have multi-layered menus, customers may lose focus and struggle to find the correct options. Often, they land in the wrong department.
  • Satisfaction is Key – The Wall Street Journal conducted a survey and found that 150 North American companies saw their customer satisfaction decline between the years of 1998 and 2006 due to automated systems. Most customers preferred humans to robots.
  • So Few Options – The only alternative for customers to pressing numbers on a phone is to use interactive voice recognition. Communicating with this system may present a whole new set of challenges if the caller is speaking with a heavy accent and the system cannot understand.
  • Possible Malfunctions – Ok, so if the automated system could shut down. Then, there is no recourse. This malfunction leaves your company in the dark with no way to answer callers. It’s like having no answering service at all.  At AnswerFirst, when one human is busy, there are many more to step in and retrieve your calls.

Yes, there is a great need for automated systems. However, when the human interaction is taken out of the equation, companies can realize a loss in profits. With the personalized touch of a human receptionist at AnswerFirst, customers will feel as though you really care about their needs. Long-term relationships can begin to grow with one personalize phone call. Ultimately, your company and its reputation will benefit.

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