Bilingual Customer Service Professional: Virtual Assistant Job Description

Our bilingual customer service professionals operate both computer and telephone equipment for the provision of answering service and virtual e-commerce needs for our clients and their clientele.  Regardless of language, our team is called upon to create an unparalleled customer service experience by eagerly greeting callers, taking messages, relaying information, scheduling appointments and processing orders.  Language barriers are opportunities for us to demonstrate our value to our clientele; they are not obstacles for the AnswerFirst virtual assistant.

Education and Requirements:

  • High school diploma or general education degree from an accredited institution, baccalaureate or advanced university degree a plus
  • Experience in call center activities
  • Must be be fluent in both conversation and written expression in more than one verbally spoken language (Spanish preferred)
  • Must be able to train at the Tampa facility prior to clearance for remote operations and must work within the state of Florida.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Answering high volume of inbound calls and maintaining a response rate swiftly in accordance with agreed standards
  • Answering transferred calls to assist callers who do not speak English or request to speak with someone who is fluent in their language of choice
  • Understanding and responding  effectively and clearly to addressed requests and/or written or verbal instructions
  • Communicating and liaising between callers, customers and relevant staff
  • Maintaining regular consistent attendance, personal appearance, punctuality and adherence to applicable health and safety procedures
  • Establishing and maintaining efficient working relationships with supervisors, coworkers and customers
  • Pursuing personal development/knowledge and skills required for the efficient performance of the job role
  • Performing virtual reception tasks in an effective, professional and gracious manner
  • Operating communication systems including:  a personal computer, land-line and VoIP telephone software, chat room programs and Google-associated tools (Gmail, Google Talk, Google Voice, Google Plus, Google Hangout, etc.)
  • Relaying and routing both emergency and non-emergent verbal and written messages, including placing telephone calls for client translations
  • Performing clerical duties such as proofreading, typing, accepting orders, sorting data, scheduling appointments, accepting and documenting procedural changes from clients
  • Monitoring alarm systems and ensuring the maintenance of secure conditions by contacting security staff individuals using radio telephones, when necessary
  • Answering questions about businesses of clients, using reference files and completing forms for orders on sales

Skills and Specifications:

  • Candidate has impressive telephone etiquette and stellar customer service skills; he or she has a pleasing phone voice and the ability to speak clearly and be understood on the phone.  consistently provides and maintains impeccable customer relations with everyone.
  • Candidate also possesses stellar listening skills in more than one language, including the ability to work with others in both office and virtual environments to provide an impeccable customer service experience.
  • Candidate is able to both understand and execute complex written and verbal instructions, including but not limited to gathering information from callers and customers to help identify and solve problems.
  • Candidate is able to work remotely from a pre-authorized location, exhibiting confidence and independence.
  • Candidate has exceptional computer skills, including a working knowledge of Google applications.
  • Candidate possesses basic troubleshooting and navigational skills to handle browser-related and other software/Internet issues, while meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
  • Candidate sincerely works as a team player with all internal and external customers, including our in-house sales and service teams.
  • Candidate can both demonstrate and “sell” the value of our services to our clients and their clientele.
  • Candidate is able to react both effectively and calmly under rigorous pressure, deadlines and emergent situations.
  • Candidate understands and accepts all customer confidentiality agreements.
  • Candidate understands that weekends and holidays are required workdays for staff members; we must employ those with flexible schedules to provide coverage for the call center during all hours of operation; it is understood that availability is discussed at time of hire and schedule adherence is both expected and enforced.
  • Candidate is self-motivated, creative, flexible, willing to take initiative and be accountable for actions.
  • Candidate has a reliable, approved computer, telephone headset, phone line, redundant power and high speed connect to the Internet.
  • Candidate has an approved, quiet, private remote office space for virtual operations.

How To Apply:

Interested applicants should email a current resume with cover letter to: [email protected]