Smiling customers service representative communicating with a customer.

Communication is a vital part of life. It’s what makes or breaks relationships of all kinds, from professional to romantic. This is especially true when talking about communication between a business and its consumers.

When customers call your business, you’re going to want to have proper phone etiquette as to not be off-putting to your consumers. You also need to know how to answer the phone properly.  But, most companies don’t have the time to hire and train employees to answer the phones all day.  That’s why many entrepreneurs employ a business answering service to take care of this responsibility for them. But, you need to make sure your chosen service avoids common mistakes that could harm your relationship with your customers.  Read on to learn three things to avoid when outsourcing to an answering service.

1. It’s Difficult to Speak With the Right Person

Many times, a business answering service will provide plenty of directory options for callers. But, it’s fairly common that the caller ends up frustrated because they can’t find who they’re looking for.  This is especially true with automated answering services.  Callers often have to navigate through multiple lists of choices before they end up speaking with a representative. Other times, the customer may find that speaking with a representative is not even a possibility.  In order to give your consumers the best experience possible, make sure they can get a relevant employee on the phone with as little effort as possible.

2. Too Much to Choose From

While being thorough is usually great, giving your customers too many options can actually be detrimental.  If you make callers listen through seven or eight choices during each selection, they’re likely going to forget what the first choices were and have to listen to them over again.  If your customer has an urgent issue that they need to resolve, this can cause them great frustration. Limit the options you give your callers so that they can more quickly get connected to who they need to speak with.

3. Making a Poor First Impression

Many people call companies before ever stepping foot in the door. This could be to find out their hours, learn more about a product or service, or simply to ask if something is in stock.  Thus, you need to capitalize on this moment and make sure customers see your business in the best light possible. If their calling experience is unpleasant, then they may not ever visit your business in the future.  As previously mentioned, you should keep your menus short and make it easy for callers to talk to an employee during business hours.  But, you should also make sure that the initial voice that answers the phone fits your company. It should sound polite, helpful, and like someone who would work at your business.

Save Time by Using a Business Answering Service

When you save time, you’ll simultaneously be saving money. Businesses often choose to outsource many roles and responsibilities, and an answering service is one of the best choices.  An answering service is especially useful if your customers need 24/7 support. Need help finding the right one for you? Check out our guide.