Answering services help you improve your communication with all of your clients.

They handle phone calls, social media replies, SMS messages, and more. However, they also come with monthly fees.

Are these services worth the cost? The answer to this question depends on the specific needs of your business. For example, some companies greatly benefit from setting up answering services, while others handle their needs in-house.

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Benefits of a Live Answering Service

In order to determine if a telephone answering service is worth it, let’s review the benefits of signing up for this kind of service. These companies do far more than simply answer phone calls, which should factor into any decision you make.

Provide Around-the-Clock Service

We live in a world where customers expect 24/7/365 service. A call answering service can provide your clients with answers when they want them. This factor allows you to avoid hiring staff to work around the clock.

The costs to hire employees to work all hours of the day and night can become too much, especially if you operate a small business. Your employees may also have a limited amount to do in the overnight hours.

Furthermore, many companies serve people outside of their local area. Some of your clients may be in different time zones or even on the other side of the planet. They may expect help when it’s convenient for them, regardless of local time at your company.

Many companies find it more efficient to hire a call answering service.

Avoid Distractions for Your Employees

Employees often have to switch gears to answer the phone and have a conversation. They may get distracted for five minutes after a two-minute phone call asking about something simple, like your hours.

Phone answering services take care of these questions, allowing your employees to stay focused on their tasks. The call answering service can also:

  • Set up appointments
  • Transfer calls
  • Take messages
  • Handle dispatching

Allowing the professionals to handle these tasks gives your employees more freedom to focus on other work.

Personal Connection with Your Customers

Many customers report dissatisfaction or frustration when they get tied up in automatic phone trees. Clients generally just want to speak to another person. However, you may be unable to handle the high volume on your own, leading to a reliance on automation.

A phone answering service provides you with an option to provide your clients with personalized care each time they call. Here at AnswerFirst, phones get answered by real people who work in the U.S.

Assist with Technological Advances

Technology continues to change and advance all around us. Do you feel like you’re not sure how to keep up with the demands of social media accounts, texts, or email?
Answering services provide you with the assistance you want to handle digital communication with your clients. You can set up a service to reply to emails, answer questions on social media, and more.

Staying engaged with your customers helps build their relationship with your company. Customers who feel like they get fast replies are often more likely to buy from your business again in the future. They may also recommend your company to their friends.

Dealing with Robocalls

Robocalls represent a significant annoyance to private citizens and businesses. Around 26 billion robocalls are sent every year in the U.S. These calls take up time and clutter up your phone lines, making it harder for your employees to work.

Answering service companies field these cold calls for you, hanging up on them, and moving on. You never even have to hear about robocalls when you work with an answering service.

Professional Sharing of Information

Do you rely on your employees to answer the phone and take messages? If they don’t receive proper training, they may forget to take notes or leave out important information.

When you work with an answering service, you get help from communication professionals. Technicians understand precisely what information you need from callers.

They write down all the pertinent details and make sure you get the messages quickly.

Balance the Costs of an Answering Service

We’ve reviewed the benefits of hiring an answering service for your company. What about the potential expenses for your business?

You do have to pay a fee to work with answering services. However, many businesses spend less on an answering service than they would on hiring a full-time employee to handle the same tasks.

Answer services also provide you with multiple billing plans, allowing you to control the amount you pay for their services.

Flat Rate Billing

You may select a flat rate billing plan for your answering service. This kind of plan allows you to pick the number of minutes or calls you want the company to handle every billing cycle. However, you may face extra fees if you exceed the calls or minutes you select.

Pay by the Minute

Other companies select a pay-by-the-minute plan. This plan may save you money, especially if you aren’t sure how many calls you’ll receive in a billing cycle. However, some answering services “round up” when charging by the minute.

Pay as You Go

Finally, you may select a pay-as-you-go billing plan. These plans allow you to pay a small set-up fee. Then, you pay for the minutes you use or the calls you receive. Our team adjusts the rate you pay based on the calls or minutes you get.

These options allow you to get all the benefits of an answering service while still keeping the costs low for your company.

Speak to Us About the Benefits of an Answering Service

Are answering services worth it?

In the end, only you can assess the unique needs of your business. However, many companies find these services very useful and cost-effective.

You can discuss our payment options when you call the AnswerFirst team at 800-645-2616.