Unhappy young man on a cell phone

Have you ever worked in a small office or department and heard the phone ringing and just hoped that someone else would get it? Or have you pretended to be extra busy when you heard the ring, so you wouldn’t have to stop what you’re doing to be disrupted by chasing down a random question? Well, surprise! If this scene happens a lot in your office, you are probably missing out on business opportunities.

Although there are so many ways of reaching out to someone in this digital world, answering telephones promptly is a valuable tool for a corporation. It’s also a strong staple of good customer service.

Believe it or not, customers do pay attention to how promptly a company replies to an email or answers the phone. Think back. When was the last time you heard someone complain that they called a particular organization and never got an answer? And that statement wasn’t usually followed by how wonderful the customer service experience was in that case. This happens more frequently than most executives and business owners want to admit.

So, why is this still the case since most people are switching to email and chat apps? Why bother answering the phone? Studies have shown that after waiting for a minute with no response, 60% of the callers will hang up. Hey, who wants to throw a possible 60% of phone sales down the drain?

There isn’t really a company big or small that can afford to lose sales where a lead is dropped nearly every second. With this thought in mind, consider hiring a virtual receptionist or live answering service to promptly handle the calls when you are busy working a project or during peak calling hours.

AnswerFirst can help you with our team of experienced Customer Service Professionals. Your callers will never have to sit and listen to endless ringing. And you will know if you are gaining a new lead or preserving an already existing customer. Our Customer Service Professionals will help you connect with your callers and enhance the customer service experience.

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