Answering Srvices Help Nonprofits

One of the greatest labors of love is operating a nonprofit. The process often consumes long tiring hours spent working with little time for marketing and visibility. When it comes to marketing and donations, we can take advantage of how answering services help nonprofits gain visibility. With an answering service, many things can be simplified. Your volunteers are then free to go into the community to spread the word for your charity.

Here’s How Answering Services Help Nonprofits Gain Visibility:

Your Charity Gains a Full-time Telephone Representative

Often, nonprofits have numerous volunteers. However, there are few people who have the experience of a professional phone operator, like the customer service professionals at AnswerFirst. What’s important is leaving a great impression with callers. There is a great possibility your volunteer phone operators wont know how to handle the various conversations of the phone calls. Most of all, AnswerFirst has several bi-lingual customer service professionals that can help your charity communicate with a larger audience.

The Power of a Toll-free Number

For most charities, owning a toll-free number is just too expensive. The answer to this monetary problem, is seeking the help of answering service. Most services, like AnswerFirst will supply an 800 number with their services. Your charity will be able to allow for a greater audience to reach out to you.

Creating Ease to Receive Donations

First impressions motivate donors. That’s why when you initiate a pledge drive or social media campaign, it’s imperative to have the proper representation. If no one answers the phone, then your charity will never know how much funding it could have possibly gained. By having someone there 24/7 to respond to questions by phone or social media, your charity is able to instantly respond to donation opportunities. Without someone available to answer questions for your nonprofit, even die-hard philanthropists may not try to reach out again to help.

Receiving Priority Messages

An answering service helps your nonprofit secure major opportunities to gain free wide-spread exposure through media requests. When an important request is made from the media, you’ll be notified immediately and can speak with them directly. Speaking directly with the media, affords you the opportunity to include a direct voice with the public. In the busy world of news reporting, your window of opportunity may only be open briefly, so you don’t want to miss the call.

A good service will also relay the important questions from a possibly large benefactor. Most importantly, you won’t miss these opportunities. These services, like AnswerFirst, will relay messages to your smartphone through text and/or email. For certain types of inquiries, the calls can be immediately be forwarded to your number.

AnswerFirst is happy to come alongside your nonprofit to help you reach and exceed the goals you have set for your charity. Contact AnswerFirst today!