Team working together to increase capability

In last week’s posting we discussed some of the major services answering service provide. Yet, there are many other opportunities that a nonprofit can use to grow their marketing efforts and ultimately raise money.

More than just answering calls.

To the surprise of many, answering service companies, like AnswerFirst, can do more than just take phone calls, relay messages and track inbound orders. Yes, an answering service can be helpful in making a nonprofit perform like an oiled machine. Nonprofits can benefit from these same services, if they know to request the services.

Check out the service capabilities before hiring an answering service.

As we said earlier, answering services provide more features than many know for nonprofits. When selecting a service, it’s imperative to know what a company can offer. Companies, like AnswerFirst will have many features to help your nonprofit grow successfully.

The following are questions a nonprofit should ask when seeking a answering service:

  1. Inbound Calls – Answering calls from businesses and individuals for donations helps keep funding flowing. Without an adequate number of staffers, an answering service should be able to help. All the nonprofit needs to do is provide the service with a script.
  2. Chatting – Whenever a visitor lands on a site, it’s necessary to engage the visitor to answer any questions. The best outcome would be converting the visitor to a purchase. Sometimes, chatting and answering a few questions may mean a customer buying or moving on to another site.
  3. Bilingual Services – Companies like Answerfirst have staff that are able to speak several different languages. This can be a benefit should a caller feel more comfortable speaking in a language other than English. Depending on where your charity is located, your donor demographics may speak another language.
  4. Email Processing – Having your emails managed helps save time and allows your nonprofit staff time to address the needs of the charity. While the company helps sort and reply to those who are seeking simple answers, the more difficult questions can be forwarded to you.

So, if you are seeking answering services that have an array of capabilities, feel free to give AnswerFirst a call at 1-800-645-2616.