API Integrations Allow Us To Ao A Lot More Than Just Answer Your Phones

Our software works behind the scenes using APIs to integrate with your CRM, ticketing software, scheduling programs, etc.

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Our contact center software integrates seamlessly with software you’re already using.

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What is an API or Application Programming Interface?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

What is an API?In basic terms, an API is a set of rules that allows different programs to talk to each other.  For instance, we can use an API to ask a question from our Customer Service Professional (CSP) interface to a program that you use to run your business.

For example, our CSP interface might ask a calendar for very basic information like:

Our CSP interface: “Hey Calendar!  Does Dr. Smith have anything scheduled for Tuesday afternoon?”

Calendar: “Yes, Dr. Smith has appointments at 2:00 and 3:00 on Tuesday afternoon.”

API requests can be much more involved than that and can even include requests for images, video or other more complex types of data.  There are thousands of APIs available and more become available as more software solutions are developed.

Why We Use APIs at AnswerFirst:

  • Security – Most APIs will allow authentication in the background so that you don’t have to give our CSPs credentials to access your system directly.  This not only keeps your data secure, but it also keeps it safe from inadvertent corruption.
  • Reduces Training Costs and CSP Errors – There are thousands of software solutions that people use to run their businesses and it would be impossible for us to teach every one of our CSPs how to use every software solution.  By focusing on teaching our agents how to use our contact center software and then utilizing APIs to integrate other software solutions with our software, we keep training costs down while also reducing CSP errors.
  • Reduces Call Times – Since our CSPs are always working with an interface that they understand and are familiar with, they don’t waste time trying to orient themselves to a new software interface every time they take a new call, thus reducing call times.

Benefits of API Integrations

  • Secure

    APIs make your software “talk” to our software, so our Customer Service Professionals never log-in to your software directly. Therefore, your account credentials aren’t shared.

  • No Training Required

    API integrations allow our CSPs to work inside of our platform so there is no need for them to learn how to use your software.

  • Reduce Errors

    Even though our CSPs are using our platform to enter your data into your software, the information goes directly into your database which reduces the potential for errors.

  • Faster Setup

    Without the need to train our CSPs how to use your software, your account can be set-up faster and more affordably.

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