Our Charity Committee is made up of AnswerFirst employees who want to contribute their time and effort to furthering AnswerFirst’s initiative to support unique and exceptional charities.

This group of AnswerFirst team members meets at least once per quarter to focus on how AnswerFirst can contribute to nonprofits that are important to AnswerFirst employees and our communities.

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However, since mid-2020 the Charity Committee has struggled to find ways that AnswerFirst can contribute as much as it did prior to the pandemic. Opportunities to volunteer have been (understandably) almost nonexistent and many charities that AnswerFirst wanted to support were either operating in a limited capacity or not operating at all.

Fortunately, things are looking up this first quarter of 2022 and AnswerFirst’s Charity Committee is extremely happy to be back to work doing what it does best – supporting exceptional charities.

EBeauty Community

First, we voted to make a donation to EBeauty.

EBeauty helps support women going through cancer treatments via the EBeauty Community, Wig Exchange Program, Hospital Partnership Programs and other charitable initiatives.

Over the years, AnswerFirst has lost several team members to cancer and we know all too well how this horrible disease affects individuals and their families. EBeauty’s dedication to supporting women who are battling cancer by empowering them to look and feel beautiful stood out to our Charity Committee as does this amazing non-profit’s mission:

“EBeauty’s mission is to enhance and strengthen the education, charitable and community support network for women undergoing cancer treatments. EBeauty works to improve the quality of life of women undergoing chemotherapy treatments through the implementation of its Wig Exchange Program and Hospital Partnership Program. Our primary goal is to provide all women, regardless of economic status or geographic location, access to wigs.”

A Kids Place

The next charity we decided to support during the first quarter of 2022 is an AnswerFirst favorite – A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay.

This local charity provides a safe haven for abused and neglected children. One of the most fundamental things about A Kid’s Place is that it’s their mission to not only provide a safe haven, but they also vow to never separate siblings:

“A Kid’s Place is a unique program designed to support the foster care system by providing state of the art residential care for siblings.”

Do you know of an exceptional nonprofit?

AnswerFirst is always looking for charities to support. We believe that supporting organizations that make a difference in our communities is an essential commitment we must make as part of creating our vision:

“AnswerFirst envisions a healthy world filled with happy people enjoying exceptional customer care.”

If there is a charity that you are passionate about, we would love to hear about those. Please fill out the contact form on this page and request to speak with Penny Herron.

We strongly believe in the words of Jimmy Doolittle:

“There is Nothing Stronger than the Heart of a Volunteer.”