AnswerFirst’s Marketing Coordinator participated in organizing and implementing a relief effort that transported two trailers full of donations from the Tampa Bay area to tornado survivors in Oklahoma during Memorial Day weekend.

Answerfirst Answering Service Oklahoma ReliefAnswerFirst Communications announced this week that its Marketing Coordinator organized and participated in a grassroots relief effort, Donate Moore, that’s mission was to gather donations of tornado relief supplies from Tampa Bay area businesses and individuals, and deliver them to tornado survivors in Oklahoma.

According to its Facebook page, Donate Moore was originally conceptualized by Tampa native, Nikol Hillman, after she saw posts on Facebook about her friends in Oklahoma needing supplies to help their recovery efforts; their communities had been directly hit by the EF4 and EF5 tornadoes that ripped through areas surrounding Oklahoma City on May 19th and 20th.  In turn, Nikol utilized her Facebook page to reach out to her friends and acquaintances in the Tampa area and request supplies, donations and support.  AnswerFirst’s Marketing Coordinator, April Gillmore, got involved by offering to join Nikol in collecting donations and driving them to Oklahoma during Memorial Day weekend.  Nikol and April worked together, over the course of 3 days, to fill two 24 foot trailers with donations and then transported the trailers directly to the communities in Oklahoma that were in need.  They estimate that they delivered almost 10000 lbs of relief supplies including food, veterinary supplies, water, camping supplies and more to the communities of Little Axe, Shawnee and Norman, OK.

Matt Herron, President & CEO of AnswerFirst said,

A large part of our client base utilizes our services for disaster preparedness and business contingency planning so being supportive of people and businesses during or after natural disasters is a fundamental part of who we are.  When Ms. Gillmore requested that AnswerFirst support the Donate Moore project, I didn’t hesitate to let her know that she had our full support.”

AnswerFirst Marketing Coordinator, April Gillmore said,

It took a huge amount of effort to gather two 24 foot trailers of supplies and get them to Oklahoma in less than 72 hours from when we had the initial idea to make it happen.  AnswerFirst was extremely supportive in allowing me the flexibility in my schedule that was required to make the relief effort successful.  It’s great to work for a company that cares enough about the welfare of our planet, and its people, to offer direct support to the people of Oklahoma during their time of need.  Also, the outpouring of support and donations that we received from Tampa Bay area businesses and the local media was just amazing.  I think most people can say that they’ve given to a charity or a relief effort at some point, but where do those donations actually go?  My favorite part of the Donate Moore project was actually delivering donations into the hands of the people that needed them; seeing those items make a difference in people’s lives.”