AnswerFirst Communications, an international telephone answering service, messaging service and customer service solutions provider has launched a new website focused on marketing their live telephone answering services, separately from their other contact center solutions.

AnswerFirst Communications, an international live telephone answering service and customer service solutions company specializing in answering services, messaging services, virtual receptionist and call center solutions announced this week that they’ve launched a new website to market the phone answering services segment of their professional contact center services.

Phone Answering ServiceAccording to their website, AnswerFirst, “provides complete contact center and customer service solutions to more than 1700 companies around the globe.” AnswerFirst’s Marketing Coordinator, April Gillmore, said, “Many of our clients know that we are a full-fledged contact center and that we actually provide many other services outside of live telephone answering services, including inbound email processing, social media monitoring and customized customer service solutions. Our main corporate website is designed to educate consumers about all of our services, but there is a specialized market for standard telephone answering services and that is why we created the Phone Answering Services website; so that clients who are interested in just standard answering services don’t have to dig through a plethora of information about services that don’t interest them.”

AnswerFirst CEO, Matt Herron, stated,

A large part of our marketing strategy for 2013 is to provide very specific information about our services and what we actually do for our partners on a daily basis instead of providing a broad generic description of who we are and the services we provide. Launching the Phone Answering Service website is just one of the first milestones in our plan to differentiate our services and target very specific partnerships.”