As mentioned in our last AnswerFirst In The Community blog post, our Charity Committee is back at work!

The AnswerFirst Charity Committee is made up of AF employees who want to contribute their time and effort to furthering AnswerFirst’s initiative to support unique and exceptional charities.  This committee meets at least once per quarter to focus on how AnswerFirst can contribute to nonprofits that are important to AnswerFirst employees and our communities.  

For the second quarter of 2022, the committee decided to make a $5000 contribution to Team Addo.

This is an awesome local grassroots organization that provides support to U.S. Military Veterans.  Team Addo was founded by a former military officer. The organization’s mission is:

“We believe that we are here to enrich the lives of others and ultimately serve our fellow brothers and sisters. We accomplish this by investing in meaningful and impactful events. From these events, we are able to touch the lives of many children while also paying back the debt of gratitude to our nation’s Veterans and their families.”

One cause supported by Team Addo is called Veterans Closet; this organization helps retired military soldiers prepare for work outside of the military. They also provide tailor-made suits for soldiers so they have appropriate clothing for the corporate world. Veterans Closet also supports different causes that help children who are dealing with cancer.

Here’s more information from the Team ADDO website:

“We are a community that strives to support our Veterans and their families. Bound by a love of country and family, we search for ways to give back through inspiration by making a positive, lasting impression on our communities. We at TEAM ADDO are on a mission to Inspire.”

On September 24th 2022, Team Addo is hosting its annual local fishing tournament called “All Heroes Open Fishing Tournament.”  Teams of 3 anglers each get to choose between bringing their own boat and captain or having one provided.  Since 2016, the tournament has raised more than $180,000 to support Veteran communities.

Team Addo Fishing Tournament