When you’re running a legal practice, missed calls are missed opportunities. But it’s impossible to be available at times when those people need you most. Here’s how to find call answering service excellence to keep your practice engaged.

Let’s face it, lawyers are not known for customer service. But don’t take that personally. Consider it an opportunity to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Consumer and business expectations are rising across industries. Expectations your potential clients develop in others will carry over into the legal field. And business leaders won’t hesitate to switch to a more responsive competitor.

If a person or business calls you for help, they expect a callback within eight hours. They expect you to take action on their behalf within three business days of an incident.

You need call answering support to meet those tough demands. But you also need to understand the market to find a service you can count on.

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4 Essential Qualities of Call Service Excellence

Legal support may be your line of business. But managing customer needs is also a critical responsibility. Do you have the in-house resources to seize every opportunity?

The following are four things to look for in a call answering service. Night or day, your answering service must be working for you.

Remember, true service excellence means zero missed opportunities.

1. Be Sure Your Call Service Communicates the Values of Your Practice

Everyone knows the sound of a generic service person. That won’t be good enough for potential clients, and it’s not good enough for you. You want their first impression to be the value you communicate in your professional interactions.

Your answering service should demonstrate consistency in its communication. They should learn to emulate your attitude when speaking to clients. And they should understand what important aspects of a conversation they should forward to you.

2. Check for Proper Message Taking

You won’t get much value out of poor or incomplete messages. It’s up to your service reps to capture the important aspects of a conversation.

Be sure they know the action points you need to follow-up. Service excellence means understanding the important details of every call.

Your reps should have an instinctive understanding of what you’ll need when you make your follow-up call.

3. Learn Their Policy About Ending Calls

The way in which your reps end calls play a key role in future outcomes. If they end calls abruptly it may impact your future conversations. If they end calls without taking all necessary information it could jeopardize your future connections.

Be sure they are willing to learn and take down important information. They should know what you want in terms of etiquette as well.

4. Be Sure They’re Working Towards a Desirable Result

You don’t want a service that functions like an answering machine. You need a partner that contributes to desirable outcomes.

Be sure your future clients get the help they need, even when you’re not around. Choose a call center that works for you.

We Connect Your Callers with Answers

AnswerFirst is the premier call answering service for meaningful and valuable engagement.

We don’t just answer the phone, we work with you to deliver improved results for your firm.

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