Woman talking on cell phone at her desk

Remember these 5 important tips when answering the phone and your sure to have the smoothest call possible. They will help the Customer Service Professional handle the image of your company well. Not only, will the perception of your brand increase, but your company will grow new customers through great relationships. As you work towards building a strong reputation for your company, here are a few things to remember to help you get started.

  1. Put a smile on your face.
    There is nothing more disheartening than getting a gruff ‘hello’ when you call a business. It typically throws you off balance. There is a right and wrong way to answer business calls. A grumpy voice is definitely isn’t the RIGHT way.
  2. Identify your Company and what makes it unique.
    Identifying the name of your company when you answer the phone can be particularly helpful to the caller. Often, busy people have to make multiple calls and sometimes their wondering minds cause them to momentarily forget who they called. Reminding them who they’ve called and explaining what makes your business unique could be a beneficial factor in their decision process.
  3. Have basic company information available to answer questions.
    Basic information on your company, which includes staff, products and hours of operation can be extremely helpful. For instance, a contact list will expedite a caller’s time when trying to reach the correct person.
  4. Read phone numbers and contact information back to the caller to insure accuracy.
    If you wish to make your caller and potential customer believe you care about their business with your company, a simple way is just to repeat back the message. This helps to ensure the information is correct and that you care to be sure you can reach out to them.
  5. Minimize the time you place people on hold.
    It is better to offer to call them back than leave someone on hold for more than a few minutes. Stats have proven that most callers tend to hang up when placed on hold. Although, when the customers are given an option to receive a call-back, more customers are inclined to make a purchase.

AnswerFirst can be there to help your business with messaging and receiving calls. The company’s host of professionals will ensure your company will not go a minute without being represented professionally. Contact us today!