When you’re trying to run a business, everywhere you turn there’s a new expense. So when someone suggests an inbound call center, it’s tempting to dismiss it as another bill you don’t need.

But in reality, a call center is more of an investment. In fact, choosing a call center can save you money in more ways than one.

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How an Inbound Call Center Can Save Money

At first glance, a contact center might look like just another expense, but here are just three of the many ways it can save you money.

No Loss of Business Outside of Office Hours

We’ve all experienced the frustration of being unable to contact a company when we need to. Every time an issue arises, the company’s hours seem to match the hours you’re unavailable.

For a company, customer frustration = loss of business. But not when you have a call center available 24/7!

According to a BrightLocal survey, 97% of people used online reviews in looking for local businesses last year. With such fast access to feedback, customer service is of the utmost importance, and a call center is a powerful tool.

Every business knows how much more expensive it is to acquire new customers than to keep existing ones and by having service available 24/7, you can keep customers happy and keep your revenue stream steady.

On top of your typical customer service needs, a call center also lets you serve customers in other time zones throughout the country and the globe as well.

No Need to Hire a Phone Team

As much as every business would love to be a source of jobs, the reality is that employees are expensive. It takes money and valuable time to hire and train them, not to mention the cost of salary and benefits.

You might be able to save on the hiring costs if you use a staffing firm, but there are plenty of other staffing firm costs as well.

To handle all your calls in-house, the employees are just one part of the bill; you also need to buy equipment, find space, and probably purchase a multi-line phone service plan.

It’s also important to remember that as your business scales up, you’ll need to scale up your phone team as well. That means more cost for equipment, salaries, benefits, and more. A call center, on the other hand, makes it much easier and more cost-effective to scale.

No Added Expenses for Employee Call-Outs

Even the most responsible and reliable employees don’t make it to work every day.  Employees have lives and inevitably, those lives will sometimes require last-minute days away from the office.

If you have your own in-house phone team, employee call-outs are a nightmare. You’ll spend valuable time trying to find a replacement.  Additionally, if your employees are salaried and use paid time off, you’ll end up paying two employees’ daily wages for one day of work.

Outsourcing your customer service to a call center, on the other hand, removes this problem from your phone team.

How to Hire an Inbound Call Center

For many companies, a call center just makes sense for the bottom line. If you’re ready to start shopping for yours, contact AnswerFirst for more details.