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Robots haven’t taken over the world yet–but there’s a lot of talk these days about the advancing technology of artificial intelligence.

By 2021, robots are estimated to take over 6% of U.S. jobs.

The use of robots in the workplace has started expanding to the world of customer service. Companies are now using voicemails or interactive scripts to speak with the customer instead of an employee.

Just because tech can replace the human worker doesn’t mean it should. Even if a computer could manage a phone call just as well as a person, not all your customers are going to be happy about it.

There’s an artistry to managing the perfect customer service phone call. A robot will never be able to handle the uniquely human skill of catering to the needs of an individual customer.

No matter how advanced computers get, nothing can beat the old-fashioned magic of people on the phone.

Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t let robots take over the phone calls.

Thinking Outside the Box

What’s one thing people have over computers?


Humans are great at coming up with creative solutions. They can see the big picture that computers just can’t–and they’re more likely to draw the connections between things that might not be so obvious.

With a person on the phone, you can be confident that your customer service team will always be coming up with solutions to handle new challenges.

Reading Emotional Cues

No matter how advanced robots might become, there’s no replacing the emotional understanding between two people.

Robots just don’t understand the subtleties and nuances of language, like the fact that 55% of all communication is through body language or that certain undertones can shape the way words are interpreted.

Even if mundane tasks become automated, the core of customer service is connecting on a personal and emotional level with your customer. You can’t truly help them until you understand how they’re feeling

It’s worth the effort to make sure each and every customer feels as though your business cares about them and their wellbeing.

Human to Human Interaction

More and more, people are turning away from phone conversations and seeking out alternative forms of support–like internet forums or online chats. By the time a customer calls, they might have exhausted all their other options and could be at the end of their rope.

Part of the reality of having a live answering service is that you’ll be handling the concerns of a lot of frustrated people with a lot of frustrating problems.

The scripts that voicemails or robots are equipped with just aren’t enough to manage these complicated issues. The more robotic the voice sounds, the more likely the customers are to get annoyed.

Customer’s needs are often complex and emotionally challenging. You need empathetic and understanding people on the phone who can manage any concerns with a human touch.

This shows your customers that you value them enough to put a person on the line–and not leave them to fend for themselves with a scripted voice.

It’s Time to Put People on the Phone

Ditch the voicemail, get rid of interactive voice calls and start putting people on the phone instead. Your customers will thank you.

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