Email Forwarding Service Concept

Did you know the average office worker receives 121 emails every day?

Even the most diligent workers have trouble keeping up with all the messages. That’s why it’s important for an office to have an email forwarding service.

You’ve done the hard work in getting a steady list of clients, but now you have to keep track of them all. Don’t let their emails get lost in the sea of spam and communication.  Instead, when you use an email forwarding service you can guarantee that your employees have these three extra advantages:

1. Constant Two-Way Communication

The first benefit of email forwarding services is they can often send a reply message to your customers within minutes of receiving a reply.  This is a valuable feature for when your customers message you during hours when you are out of the office. Don’t leave your customers hanging.

Instead, you can give them a response that says you will be in touch shortly. This will help pacify those customers that feel anxious or worried about a problem. It will also help all of your customers feel more heard.

However, be sure to respond to those emails as soon as you get to work. Otherwise, they will begin to trust you and your email forwarding service less. Remember the best customer service is one that is personable.

2. Save Time

Another advantage is that these services help save your employees time. Sometimes customers have the same issues and questions. It can become monotonous for employees to constantly repeat the answers.

Not only that but it’s also a waste of time. Instead, of solving new problems and issues, your customer service team is stuck going through old questions.  Email forwarding services have the ability to send answers to frequently answered questions and repeat entries.

Can you imagine how much time this would save your team? The short answer is a lot.

3. Avoid Missing Important Emails

The last advantage is that these services help connect you, by answering important emails while ignoring SPAM. Over 100 billion spam emails are sent in the world every day.  These emails can easily clog up a server and an inbox.

An email handling service can help deflect some of the distracting traffic that is unrelated to you or your business.   Answering services help you avoid forgetting or missing leads – which can save you thousands by avoiding lost potential revenue.

Begin Using an Inbound Email Processing Service Today

The benefits of an email forwarding service don’t end there. In fact, there are dozens of different bonuses that you can take advantage of when you begin using your very own service.

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