There are over 300 million active users on Twitter each month.

Twitter Monitoring ServiceAre people Tweeting concerns, compliments or inquiries about your business?  Do you even know?  Who is looking after your company reputation on Twitter?

In this age of social media, Twitter has become an important and necessary means of communicating with clients and prospects.

The inability to provide immediate support for those reaching out to you on Twitter could mean that you are falling behind the competition and losing valuable market share.

AnswerFirst’s Twitter Account Monitoring service ensures that you will never miss another opportunity to turn a negative mention into a positive interaction.

Build your brand by broadcasting positive interactions, have your direct messages filtered so you never miss another prospect and instantly follow back new followers and thank them for their interest.

At AnswerFirst, our Customer Service Professionals are on the clock 24/7/365 and ready to take action on your Twitter account or notify you when a situation requires your attention.

How does it work?

  • We configure an inbound email account and provide you with the associated email address for forwarding your Twitter emails to us.  Then, you authorize our AnswerFirst Twitter App to interact with your Twitter account.
  • Next, define how you want us to handle:
    • Follows – we can ignore, follow back or even thank your new followers for the follow with canned responses created by your team.
    • Direct Messages – we can ignore, respond using canned responses and even notify you if it meets criteria specified by your team.
    • Mentions – we can also either ignore or respond according to your criteria, utilize canned responses and notify your team if it meets particular criteria.

That’s it! Your business interests on Twitter are protected 24/7/365 by our Customer Service Professionals.

Looking for more information?

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