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What really sets your business apart in the minds of your customers and clients isn’t your goods or services. While you may have a phenomenal product to sell, what sticks in their minds is how you treat them.

Customer service skills are essential to good business. They’re what turn first-time buyers into long-term customers.

Find out how you can improve your approach to better serve your client base.

10 Must-Have Customer Service Skills When Dealing with Clients

These 10 customer service tips are guaranteed to leave your customers satisfied. Teach them to your employees and put them into practice with every business transaction.

The results will improve your overall profits!

1. Empathize with Your Customer

Customers love employees who care. Don’t just give them what they need. Be aware of their feelings and respond appropriately.

If a customer is frustrated, make it a point to diffuse the situation and show them you care about their satisfaction. Customers remember this behavior and invest more trust in you.

2. Serve Everything with a Positive Attitude

Your attitude influences every interaction. If you lead customer interactions with a positive attitude, you set the stage for their entire experience.

Remember: happiness is contagious. Remain enthusiastic and those feelings will begin to rub off on even the most difficult customers.

3. Keep Your Cool

There will be times when a customer is upset and they take those feelings out on the employee. In these moments it’s important not to let your emotions get the best of you.

Instead of taking it personally, keep your cool and make it a point to empathize with the customer. Identify the problem and then calmly present a solution.

4. Create a Customer Service Approach that Suits Your Personality

Everyone is different. Instead of trying to be something you aren’t, optimize your personality’s strengths.

For example: If you aren’t extremely outgoing, but you care deeply about people and making sure they’re satisfied, root your customer service experience in that skill.

5. Be Present with the Customer

We often have a running to-do list in our heads when we’re working, but never let this impede your customer interactions.

Customers get offended when you brush them off or act like you have better things to do than assist them.

Instead, set aside your to-do list and be 100% present with the customer.

6. Become a Product or Service Expert

Knowledge is essential to sales and customer experience.

Become an expert in your offerings who can answer any question that comes your way. This builds confidence and customer satisfaction.

7. Deliver More

Don’t just give your customer what they ask for–go above and beyond.

If he or she is shopping for new clothes for a formal event, do more than simply show them the rack. Help the customer select the perfect ensemble.

8. Always Be Patient

Not every customer interaction will be quick and painless. Sometimes you have to take your time explaining things in a way he or she understands.

Be patient. Do what it takes to meet his or her needs and ensure satisfaction.

9. Follow Through with the Whole Transaction

Never abandon a customer before his or her needs are met. Simply answering their question and walking away can lead to a lost sale because you didn’t follow through.

Instead, remain present up to the transaction or until they tell you they’re satisfied.

10. Communicate Clearly

One of the biggest causes of customer complaints is a lack of communication. Use active listening skills to make sure you remain on the same page with the customer.

Reiterate their question and the solution for pristine clarity.

Build Customer Service into Your Process

Don’t just expect customer service skills to be an initiative applied by your employees. Make it part of your business process.

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